Frequently Asked Questions

What is the period of the subscription?

Fan2Boost is based on a yearly subscription renewed automatically.

How do I stop my subscription?

We have developed Fan2Boost so that it's just as easy for you to stop the subscription as it is to start it: a click in your management tool is enough to stop the subscription.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

No. In order to offer you the most interesting price and in order to limit our costs, we have chosen to propose only the payment by credit card.

Do you charge VAT?

Only to our European customers. We add 21% of VAT to all the customers located in the European Union who do not have a valid VAT number, as well as to all the customers based in Belgium.

How can I be sure that Fan2Boost is appropriate to me?

You can create a trial website, valid for 1 month, and thus determine if Fan2Boost is appropriate for your needs. You activate your subscription when you are sure of your choice.

How can I choose my domain name?

We will contact you at the beginning of your first paying month to choose the domain name together and to agree on its administrative data.
In the meantime, your site functions with a sub-domain of created with the name of your restaurant at the time of your inscription (for example:

Is your site secured?

Of course. We apply all the security standards. The management tool is secured by SSL protocol and your payments are carried out and secured by the company Stripe.

Do I need another hosting company for my site?

No. Fan2Boost includes the hosting of your site and is permanently in charge of its proper functioning.

Does Fan2Boost provide email addresses?

No. But it is always possible for you to link your domain name to Google Apps in order to obtain email addresses.

Can I personalize the appearance of my website?

Yes. You can choose the theme which will adorn your site and also adapt its colors to correspond as well as possible to your restaurant.

Can I personalize the appearance of my newsletters?

The colors of your newsletters are those of your website. One can thus say that the colors of your newsletters are personalized since you can choose the colors of your site.

Hey, but I still have other questions!

No problem, we can answer it: write to us on this page and we will answer you as quickly as possible.